Even before I got my first 3D printer last summer, I had been mulling over building a droid. I had originally thought I would start with Chopper. But as it turned out, I fell in love with the idea of building my own BB-8.  And so began the research...

Dome v1 (actually v2)

After joining the BB-8 Builders Club and gaining access to the club files, I dove right into to dome printing.  My first dome was the official club v2 files. Printing and working on this was a great learning experience. 

I've since decided to reprint the dome with the single part Paul Wanamaker files and using Cary Christie's BMM/DMM. I've decided this for a couple of reasons: 

  • Weight. The stand alone v2 club dome is heavy.
  • Independent skirt. Using that system, you get a dome that spins independent of the skirt right.
  • Cleaner Movement. It should move better with casters vs the ptfe plastic bearing rollers.
  • Better reprint with better materials. The print quality on my current dome isn't the best. Since I have the CR-10, I can now print the dome in one piece. I'm going to print in PET-G so it's more durable. And hopefully I'll get a less flawed print this time.

Frame and Body

I've started printing Cary Christie's internal frame. I purchased all the hardware before we moved, so I have that to get started. I'm about half way done with printing the parts. Currently waiting on more filament to finish that up.

Drive System

I'm building my droid with Joe Latiola's drive system. I've started ordering parts and printing drive pieces in PET-G. I really need the CR-10 back up and running.