I've been holding off on this second build log. I kept waiting to make a bit more progress to share. Well I certainly have some progress to share, as well as some setbacks.


I finished printing and gluing the entire inner frame. For reference, it's the Cary Christie printed frame. I'm so happy to finally be done with that!

Aaaand then, I broke it. while fitting one of the rib sets, one of them twisted and popped off one of the tabs. Which super sucks because they are glued and I now have to reprint, not one, but four frame pieces. Damnit!

Ok moving on, I started printing some of the skins. I printed a triangle first, which seems to be a tad on the small side. Which is fine, I assumed I would need to slightly scale those up anyways.  Next I attempted to print the first circle in one piece.  The first print failed at about the 36 hour mark. The filament bunched up inside the extruder and I wound up with a failed print and a pile of filament spaghetti.

And the second time there was some curling due to the extreme overhangs that snagged on the cooling ducts. I paused to readjust, but the damage was already done and the x-axis position was off. So upon resume, it was printing off to the side. Third time will hopefully be the charm. I readjusted the ducts and added more support underneath. Fingers crossed!


With the CR-10 working(ish) I attempted the one piece dome print. Thankfully it finished! But it does have a few issues. I didn't have the x-axis belt tight enough, and the z-axis had a bad wobble. So it's got some pretty bad ghosting and banding issues.  I've sanded the crap out of it and done a few coats of filler. I'm still not happy with it, so I think I might attempt to do a third version of it now that I've fixed those issues.

I did manage to make some good progress on the DMM though. I'm using Cary Christie's new style DMM. Dani was able to pick up a few items I ordered when she was in the States last week. So I was able to get that put together, and it's pretty nice. I'm hoping by the the next log, I'll have the dome together and painted. I need a few more pieces to finish up the electronics.

Drive System

This is coming along slowly. I've been gathering and printing parts. I started doing some electronics work with the remote as well. I'm considering doing a new design for the remote shell and using a slightly different display if I can get it working with the adafruit feather.

New Printer

Tomorrow my Prusa i3 mk3 kit arrives. I'm so excited to add a third printer to the stable.  This one will have a slightly bigger print area than my monoprice and some nicer features. I'm hoping it will allow me to press forward on this build a bit quicker.