Tonight I went to my first club sailing outing at Chicago Sailing.  They actually have these two or three times a week, but Tuesday nights they have a cook out.  I had already spoken with the instructor from my beginners class, Rick, and arranged to meet and sail with him.  When I got there we met up with another of his students from a previous class. 

Sunset Over Chicago

One of the 24 foot J boats was available so the three of us took it out for the evening.  It was a bit of a rough go at first. When I originally rigged the main sail, I hadn't realized that the previous people that had used the boat had somehow wrapped the sail around the boom.  So we had to bring the sail back down and work all those issues out.  But once we got the sail up correctly, we were on our way.

Our course pretty much took us out to the Wilson Avenue water crib and back.  The lake was pretty much as flat as it gets, and there wasn't a whole lot of wind.  But we managed to find enough to get us out and back without using the motor.  A couple of times we sat for a bit, but overall it was a very nice relaxing cruise on a gorgeous evening.  And to wrap it all up, we were greeted with hamburgers and brats back at the dock.  All in all, a pretty fantastic evening.  Looking forward to doing it again next week.