So another year has come and gone and we being anew.  I started last year on this blog laying out some of my goals for the coming year so I could look back and see how many of them I accomplished. Last year I set the following as my goals for 2011.

  • Loose 30-40lbs by Hawaii trip in November (I dropped around 10)
  • Complete a triathlon (Ran a half marathon instead)
  • Learn to Ski/Snowboard (Never got to it)
  • Complete all four quarters of school with A's in all classes. (Mostly A's, a couple B's)
  • Drink more water (Didn't do it)
  • Go sailing twice a month in the summer (Didn't sail once this summer - super disappointing)
  • Make more time for my family (As much as I could)
  • Save Save Save (Ummm... )
  • Eliminate all non-student debt (Some of it)
  • Learn to do front & side splits (Didn't get there)

Amazingly enough I really failed to accomplished all but one of them. Sure I made progress towards several of them, but I can't say I definitively reached any of them other than the spending more time with the family.  And that one is pretty hard to quantitatively prove. 2011 was a strange year for me.  Not much of it really went like I expected it to.  I guess that's ok though.  A lot of great stuff happened, as well as a lot of not so great stuff.

Highlights from 2011 include...

  • Getting my freelance business, 1980 Creative Media LLC, legit and off the ground.
  • An amazing honeymoon in Hawaii with the wife.
  • I ran a freaking half marathon
  • Countless awesome moments with friends and family... spent just enjoying life and each other.

Now's the time when people are supposed to set their goals for the year to come.  With not really making good on last years extensive list, I am hesitant to even create one for 2012. Alas, I am a sucker for traditions.  So here we go...

  • Be more thoughtful when making important decisions
  • Continue to improve and expand on my professional skill set. (I want to be a Ruby on Rails ninja!)
  • Launch and continue to build into a successful business
  • Blog more, both personally and professionally
  • Develop at least one iPhone app
  • Take a trip someplace fun with the wife
  • Live healthier (with a wife like mine, that's almost guaranteed!)
  • Try and be happy every day

I have high hopes for the coming year.  I know some big changes are in already in the works and I am ready for the adventures to come!  Happy New Year... I wish nothing but the best to everyone for the future.