Since the wife and I moved to Boston, I've been fortunate to quickly find quite a bit of hockey to play.  Since I've been here I think I've skated about 2-3 times per week on average.  I found this great hockey [company/group/organization/not sure what you call it] called StinkySocks hockey.  I signed up to skate out for a short, late winter, session and through that have started to make new connections and meet new hockey friends.  Everyone has been super nice, and since then I've been invited to play in a couple different tournaments. My first Boston area tourny of the spring was one called the "April Showers".  It's a 30 and over tournament put on by NEWHL in Acton/Concord.  That weekend, I played goal for a team called MOEs (Mothers on Edge).  It wasn't my best showing, but we came away 1-2 with a shutout for my win.  Despite the losses, we still had a great time.

Mothers on Edge

The second and most recent tournament was this past weekend down in Walpole.  It was called the AOK tournament and raised money to help fight breast cancer (a cause I can always get behind).  I skated out on defense for a team called Shazam.  Unfortunately, we came away with the same record as my previous tournament.  All three games were super close (win or loss by one goal).  The highlight for me, other than having a super fun hockey weekend, was actually scoring a goal. This is something that very rarely happens for me.  but I managed to blast in a slap shot from the point. Woo!  We lost that game, and the next, but we finally found our groove and pulled out a win in our final game.  Thanks to all the Shazamers for having me on!

Team Shazam

So two impromptu tournaments down, and one more scheduled.  My friends from the Chicago Gay Hockey Association asked me to play goal for them in the upcoming Boston Beanpot Classic. I'm looking forward to seeing them and competing at a higher level here in Boston.