The Mayans were wrong and the world didn't end in 2012.  Well actually they never said that it would end, but everybody else said that they said that.  It doesn't matter though,  we all woke on up Dec 22nd, 2012 and it was just another new day.  So we could go on with our lives close the books on 2012 and start looking at what we want to do with the next 365 days of our existence (should we be granted them all).  I do have to say there were some pretty funny images and what not to come out of all of this end of the world nonsense.  This one being my favorite: 

Galactus - devourer of worlds, tool of the Mayans apparently

Anyways, so way back early last year I set some goals for the year - like you do.  To recap, in my naivety I said I'd shoot for the following:

  • Be more thoughtful when making important decisions - I'd like to think I nailed this for the most part
  • Continue to improve and expand on my professional skill set. (I want to be a Ruby on Rails ninja!) - Ninja? No. Slightly more proficient? Yes!
  • Launch and continue to build into a successful business - Somebody beat me to it.  Good luck to them!
  • Blog more, both personally and professionally - Not so much
  • Develop at least one iPhone app - I developed one... from a tutorial... does that count?
  • Take a trip someplace fun with the wife - Check! We were up and down the New England coast line!
  • Live healthier (with a wife like mine, that's almost guaranteed!) - Did pretty well for a while, major fail at the end of the year though
  • Try and be happy every day - Lots of ups and downs.  Probably more ups though so that's winning.

In my defense, we did up-root our lives and move half way across the country at the start.  That does tend to slightly alter any plans one may have set for one's self.  For 2013 I think I'm going to be a bit more concise and realistic.  So here goes!

2013, Lets do this!

  •  In 2012 I went a little spend crazy on my toy collecting hobby.  2013 will bring fiscal responsibility.
  • Also in 2012 I kind of let my goal of not being a fat-ass go by the wayside.  I shall right that ship.
  • Actually finish a personal project.  Time to rein in this project ADHD and actually finish one. Milkcap Museum, I'm looking at you!
  • Finally, I'd like to spend more time outdoors.  New England is beautiful, I must have more! Starting with finally learning to snowboard this month.

 Some Neat New Apps to Help

I've seen a few roundups for "New Apps for the New Year" or the link.  I'm currently evaluating a few that I find pretty interesting.

Lift for iOS

Lift is an app for setting good habits.  You choose or create some habits you wish to accomplish, and you check off everyday that you do them.  It keeps track of streaks and reminds you to work on meeting your goals. It's available for free in the app store. Check out

Everest for iOS

With Everest you keep track of your progress towards dreams or larger long term goals.  It allows you to set and check off steps to accomplish along the way.  In addition it has some built in challenges like learning to meditate. It's also available for free in the app store.

Others Worth Mentioning - Yoga Studio and Relax+

Yoga Studio is a paid app, but is essentially a series of Yoga Classes on your iPhone.  I've downloaded this but haven't tried it yet. Though it looks promising.

Relax+ is a free relaxation helper app.  Through a combination of assisted meditaiton and music, the idea is to help you destress and relax.  This is another promising app, that I haven't had a chance to try it out yet. Get it on iTunes