As I sit here in the closing 36 hours of 2013 the first words that come to mind are, "thank fucking goodness this year is over!".  While this year has had it's highlights, those have been largely overshadowed by a couple of pretty crappy events.

The first being the Boston Marathon bombings. I was one of the unfortunate people to have a nearly front row seat to the awfulness from that day (which I wrote about here). While physically I came away unhurt, it still eats at my brain. It'll be hard to ever see the world the same way again. The other setback was tearing my ACL in my knee and having surgery the day after my birthday.  It's been tough going nearly six months so far without playing hockey. That's always been my primary stress relief and a major source of enjoyment.

But despite all of that, I also did have some pretty awesome stuff happen.  Dani and I went to Disney last January where we both took part in the half marathon through the parks.  I traveled to Chicago for the Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo.  I got to do a little bit of sailing. I went to my first ever Stanley Cup finals game. And the Blackhawks beat the Bruins for their second Stanley up in four years (cough... 19 seconds... cough). And I finally got to see a bit of New York City, including my first trip to New York Comic Con.

I also switched jobs this year.  I left the creative agency behind and stepped into a lead development role with a young (start-upish) company.  It's been a crazy hectic year there, and I've put in a lot more time and work than I have in previous places. But I think in the end it will be worth it.  I also dissolved my LLC this year. I've decided to step back from extracurricular development for the most part so I can focus on some of my other interests.

So I sort of had this blog tradition of ever year going back over goals I set out the previous New Years and see how I did. And since I am one for tradition, here we go:

  • "In 2012 I went a little spend crazy on my toy collecting hobby.  2013 will bring fiscal responsibility."  - Eh... no comment
  • "Also in 2012 I kind of let my goal of not being a fat-ass go by the wayside.  I shall right that ship." - Torn ACL equaled sitting on my ass and getting fatter.
  • "Actually finish a personal project.  Time to rein in this project ADHD and actually finish one. Milkcap Museum, I'm looking at you!" - I am currently working on this now, so only half fail...
  • "Finally, I'd like to spend more time outdoors.  New England is beautiful, I must have more! Starting with finally learning to snowboard this month." - I did take a snowboard lesson, and went sailing a handful of times. So I tried right?

So not a lot of great accomplishments this year. But in my defense this has been a pretty rough year.  For 2014 my goals are less specific and more about being happier.

  1. Get my groove back. Spent way to much of 2013 depressed. It's time to be just be fucking awesome and not waste time with anyone who thinks otherwise!
  2. Live healthier... financially, physically, and emotionally.
  3. Draw something everyday. Doodle, sketch, illustration, whatever... Must. Be. More. Creative.

So yeah, that's about it other than a few pictures from the past twelve months below. Hoping everyone has a safe and Happy New Years!