Another epic month in the world of Loot Crate. This month's theme was "Equip".

A bit different look for the crate this month. There wasn't really any high-end item like the previous couple months with the Funko and Kid-Robot toys. Still, it was a pretty nice box, and I finally got my loot crate ID card!

 Let's see what we got:

Here's the list of loot: 

  • One Year Digital Subscription to Pure Nintendo Magazine
  • 8 Bit Space Invaders Bow Tie from Black Tie Geek
  • Don't Panic Towel
  • Ninja Cord Wrap
  • Super Mario Coin Candies from Boston America
  • "Inanimate Stickers" from Fred & Friends
  • A Papercraft Ironman
  • A little DC Comics statue

I haven't yet checked out the magazine yet, but based on the website it looks pretty cool.  The bow tie is currently being adorned by my 28" MattyCollector Voltron until a time comes in which I have an appropriate event to wear it to. The candies were delicious and I kinda love having a little metal Mario coin block on my desk.

The rest of the stuff I'm a bit *meh* on.  I got The Flash as my DC statue and he's not really one of my favs. The towel, stickers, and cord wrap are kinda neat, but I don't see myself doing much with them. Though I find myself playing with the little cord wrap guy on my desk from time to time.  And one of these days I'll get around to putting the papercraft together. I do enjoy a good papercraft.  Check out the rest of the pictures of the loot below. 

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