Six months ago today, my wife and I were at the Hotel Vetro in  Iowa City with three of our good friends and a magistrate to get married.  Despite the obstacles put in front of us, such as Dani's back surgery, we have made it through very much still in love.  We can't wait for what the future will bring.  Including our honeymoon to Hawaii over thanksgiving this fall! Aloha! Sadly though, Dani and I still can't enjoy the same rights as heterosexual married couples.  Although this July we will be able to register our marriage as a "Civil Union" in Illinois, in the eyes our country, our relationship will not be recognized.  There is so much hate in this country so I want to take a moment on this special day to promote love, acceptance and equality.  The only way we are going to win equal rights is to keep fighting and always keep the conversation going.  In the news every week you can see that this movement is winning new people over every day.  And we are gaining powerful allies.  So please keep talking about the issues, and please help out the organizations that fight everyday for our cause like the Human Rights Campaign and Equality Illinois if you can.

Happy six months of marriage baby. I love you so much!