I'm in bed with Dani. My ears are still ringing, but I have to get this down. Have to get this out of my head.

 It had been a great day so far. Dani had forgotten her GPS watch so Tom and I had ventured up to Hopkington, the start, this morning to bring it to her and stayed to watch everybody start their 26.2 mile trek down to Boston. Later in the afternoon Dani's parents, Tom and Jill, and I headed into Boston to watch Dani complete her first Boston Marathon.

Tom and I were there watching about half way between the finish line and the 26 mile marker.  Jill was waiting a little further past the finish line to meet up with us all after. Dani had just run by so Tom and I were walking down to the finish line to meet her. I had just gotten the text notification that she finished, and then about 20-30 feet in front of me something exploded.

The heat and concussive force hit me and for a second I couldn't hear anything. The ground shook and a huge fireball went up in the air. I just froze, I don't think in that moment I knew what happened. Tom asked if I was ok and started to pull me back when the second bomb went off very close to the first. Again I felt the force of the explosion and had some plastic shrapnel fall down on us.  Still frozen, all I could do was stare. There were people laying on the ground not moving.  There was smoke everywhere. I saw a guy running with his girlfriend in his arms... her jeans and legs torn apart and bleeding. So many people injured and bleeding running by.

Finally Tom pulled me around and away from and down Exeter where I promptly lost my shit and started bawling. I was so scared for Dani since I knew she was close to it as well. I texted her and thankfully got a response before all the cell communications got overwhelmed. Thank goodness both Dani and Jill were not hurt. We walked down the alley behind the finish line and people were tending to their injured friends and family members. The injuries were horrifying

It took a while, but all four of us were able to meet up. When I finally found Dani I hugged her close and did not want to let her go. We luckily found a cab and were able back home.

So now all I can do is think about the what-ifs. What if Tom and I had walked a little faster. What if the explosions had a been a few seconds later. Ten more feet and I probably would have been injured. A few more feet than that it could have been worse. I'm relieved that the people I love are safe. I'm devastated about all those that were hurt or killed. I'm so very angry that this happened. What kind of cowards bomb innocent people and won't claim it. What's the point?

Today was a close call. I don't think I'll ever be able to erase what I've seen today.