I came home from our weekend away in Syracuse to find the June 2013 Loot Crate waiting at my door. Score!  The topic this month was MASHUP and we have seen some pretty rad mashup posts from the Loot Crate crew on their Facebook page leading up to this months delivery.

Last months box wasn't as great as some of the previous ones, but this one really made up for it.  Let's check it out!

First up from BIC we have a Tech Stylus 2 in 1 pen.  it's a combo retractable ball point pen and stylus.  The stylus end looks like of like a black round eraser.  I tried it out on the iPhone and it actually works pretty well.

Also seen here is the Loot Crate branded wall Tangrams. Now I love tangrams. It's a great logic puzzle. With a quick search online you can find the puzzles to use your wall tangrams with.

Continuing on, we have some pretty sweet 8-bit sunglasses, always fun Warheads candies, and a couple of pretty awesome stickers. Especially loving the Mario and Ninja Turtles mashup sticker by Hairbrained Design.

Last but not least, we have a Comickaze golden ticket and a t-shirt! Yes! So the golden ticket is for a con that I was actually unaware of.  Stan Lee's Comikaze is a mulit-media pop culture convention in LA happening in early November.  My "code" only netted me 20% off the tickets - which unfortunately is no where near enough to prompt me to spend the cash to fly out for it. Oh well!

On to the shirt! So you may say to yourself, what does the "Kool-aid Man and Dead Pool have in common?"... Well aside from similar coloring absolutely nothing.   Good thing that being similarly colored is good enough for the awesome mash up shirt. Check it out and be super jealous you don't have one!

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