If you had asked me 10 years ago if I thought there was a chance I would run back to back 10k and half marathon, on two different coasts, at two different Disney resorts in consecutive months, you would probably have gotten a blank "what the hell are you talking about" stare.  But that's what just happened.

It's always kind of cracks me up when I get called princess or when I saw princess on this bib.  I like to think of myself more of a Brienne of Tarth than a Princess Myrcella. Anyways, Dani and I wanted to complete a coast to coast and she had been wanting to do this particular race weekend for a while.  So we signed up!

I was sick almost the entire time between the Star Wars and Princess weekends, so I did very little (none) training.  Despite that I managed the following times:

  • Princess 10k: 1:33:38 (A minute faster than Star Wars)
  • Half Marathon: 3:24:22 (8:44 faster than Star Wars)

Besides the racing, we did a good amount of park hoping.  And we were fortunate enough to be put up in a Vacation club property, Sarasota Springs,  this year which was super nice. Other highlights included

  • Destroying Dani at Toy Story Midway Mania... twice.
  • An incredibly awesome Character breakfast at the Ohana restaurant
  • Seeing Beymax!!!!!
  • And finally seeing Fantasmic

And of course... the pictures: