I'm not much of a person for midnight releases... of anything; movies, black Friday stuff, etc.  But when I heard that every Toys "R" Us was going to be doing a midnight release event for the new Star Wars Force Awakens toys, I was intrigued.  I had already planned on taking Friday off to spend the Labor Day weekend at the cape, and I discovered there was a Toys "R" Us store about 15 minutes away in Hyannis.  So I thought, why not, and headed over there around 11pm.

I was a little afraid that since this is a smaller town/community they wouldn't be doing the event, but when I rolled up I saw the ropes out and a small crowd of 12 or so people waiting.

By the time the doors opened there was 50 or so people in line.  Luckily since I was near the front I got first dips on the goods.  They did a bit of people management so not everyone rushed in at once.  The manager came outside about 15 minutes before to let us know how it was all going to work.  I was really impressed by how organized it all was.  When we walked in we were handed some nice freebies:  Kylo Ren poster, a Hasbro toy guide poster, and a Force Awakens Lego piece.

The store and aisle were all decked out in the new Star Wars identity.  I wanted to get pictures of the aisle itself, but as you might guess it was pretty crowded with 50 people vying for space.  It looked fantastic and it was hard not to get very excited.

I wanted that 50" talking Storm Trooper so badly, but I feared for my marriage.  So it stayed on the shelf. I didn't see anyone else buy it either, but everyone loved it. Because of limited quantities and fairness and all of that good crap, they placed a limit of three on any item line number. That, which I found out, did not mean any one particular item but instead any line.  So I was only able to pick up three of the five new 6" Star Wars Black figures. Boo!  I did, however, find my 20" Captain Phasma.  I only wish they had done her in vac metal instead of that swirly grey plastic.

All in all, it was a very fun experience and I'm glad I went.  Oh, I almost forgot to mention Geoffery the Giraffe was there!